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11th ASMO UK/ISSMO/NOED2016: International Conference on Numerical Optimisation Methods for Engineering Design

The conference will have three plenary talks from academia and industry on multi-disciplinary optimisation and industrial application. Contributed talks will be presented in a number of plenary as well as parallel sessions, complemented by poster sessions. A pdf version of the book of abstracts will be distributed at registration and is available for download here.

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Monday 18 July 2016

08:00 Registration
08:45 Welcome
Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer (Chair: H. Thompson)
09:00 Munk et al. Computational Design for Micro Fluidic Devices using a Tightly Coupled Lattice Boltzmann and Level Set-Based Optimization Algorithm
09:20 Codde et al. Topological Optimal Design and Experimental Validation of a Milled Liquid Cold Plate
09:40 Ranjan et al. Development of an accurate process workflow for simulation of a gas liquid cyclone separator in an open-source environment
10:00 Caniou Optimal design of a heat dissipating wheels for a 2CV race car
10:20 Coffee break
Aerospace Structural Optimisation (Ch: V. Toropov) Adjoint solvers I (Ch: L. Hascoet)
10:50 Lancelot et al. Aeroelastic tailoring for gust load alleviation Xu et al. Improved adjoint solver for complex flow conditions
11:10 Bordogna et al. Blending Constraints in Composite Wing Aeroelastic Optimization Economon Adjoint-based Optimization Techniques in SU2 with Applications to Industrial Flows
11:30 Jovanov et al. Multi-fidelity aeroelastic analysis and sensitivity analysis for gradient-based structural optimization Jens-D Müller et al. Introducing STAMPS, an open-source discrete adjoint CFD solver using source-transformation AD
11:50 Ollar et al. Incorporation of Bird Strike Requirements in MDO of an Aircraft Wing using Sub-space Metamodels Sen et al Effective discrete adjoint OpenFOAM for volume and surface sensitivities
12:10 Arsenyeva et al. Wingbox adaptive parametric modeling and its application to structural optimization Gugala et al. Output-based r-refinement using a flow-coupled system solve
12:30 Lunch
Invited Presentation (Ch: V. Toropov)
14:00 E Chaput MDO for Highly Effective Aircraft Design
Turbomachinery Optimisation I (Ch: S. Shahpar)
15:00 Schlaps et al. Multi-disciplinary optimisation of a compressor rotor subjected to ice impact using metamodelling
15:20 Pohl et al. Turbine Stator Well Geometry Benefits – Method Validation and Design Optimisation
15:40 Coffee break
Structural Optimisation I (Ch: R. Hewson) Adjoint solvers II (Ch. G. Pierrot)
16:10 Lu et al. Use of layout optimization to identify optimal bracing systems in buildings Li et al. Automatic adjoint formulation with customized objective functions in an industrial CFD framework
16:30 Huang et al. SOD: A Tool Auto-Generates the Preliminary Structural Design of Steel-Composite Office Buildings Dastouri et al Discrete Adjoint Approach for Commercial Computational Fluid Dynamics Codes using Algorithmic Differentiation Tools
16:50 Azad Evaluating sensitivity of stochastic search techniques to profile list ordering in discrete sizing of steel frames Taftaf et al. Experiments on Checkpointing Adjoint MPI Programs
17:10 Bujny et al. Evolutionary Crashworthiness Topology Optimization of Thin-Walled Structures Akbarzadeh et al. Improved Fixed-Point Discrete Adjoint of simpleFoam
17:50 End of Monday sessions

Tuesday 19 July 2016

Structural Optimisation II (Ch: R. Hewson) Adjoint solvers III (Ch: M. Towara)
09:00 Lüdecker et al. Probabilistic analysis of topologically optimized structures considering geometric imperfections Hückelheim et al. Temporal and spatial checkpoint coarsening in adjoint shape optimisation for unsteady flow
09:20 Kalnins et al. Optimization for scaling up of plywood sandwich panels with rigid PU foam-cores Nejad et al. Aerodynamic Shape Optimization Using the Adjoint-based Truncated Newton Method
09:40 Ansola et al. Sequential element rejection and admission method (SERA) for topology optimization using a constraint on perimeter Islam et al. Adjoint-Based Numerical Error Estimation
10:00 Oriani et al. Advances in CFD Discretisation Schemes and Solution Algorithms for a Stable Discrete Adjoint
10:20 Coffee break
Keynote (Ch: V. Toropov)
10:50 U. Schramm Design for Additive Manufacturing through Topology Optimization
Design parametrisation (Ch: J.-D. Müller)
11:30 Jesudasan et al. A comparison of node-based and CAD-based parametrisations in shape optimisation
11:50 Agarwal et al. Parametric CAD model based shape optimization using adjoint functions
12:10 Asl et al. A hybrid adjoint shape sensitivity analysis of fluid-structure interaction problems
12:30 Lunch
Invited Presentation (Ch: M. Hartmann)
14:00 C. Hinterberger From package space to final product design – with adjoint CFD
Turbomachinery Optimisation II (Ch: T. Verstraete)
15:00 Aissa et al. Surrogate-Model Assisted Evolutionary Optimization of an Axial Compressor Stator
15:20 Albring et al. Adjoint-Based Optimization of Multi-Stage Turbomachines using SU2
15:40 Coffee break
Preliminary Aircraft Design (Ch: Gerald Carrier) CFD Optimisation Benchmark Workshop: U-Bend (Ch: V. Asouti)
16:10 Viti et al. Oveall Aircraft Design Optimisation of a Nes Aircraft Configuration Alessi et al. Adjoint Shape Optimization of U-Bend Duct for Pressure Loss Reduction
16:30 Baumgartner et al. Node-based shape optimization in aircraft preliminary design Müller et al. Adjoint based design optimization of a U-bend for minimized pressure losses
16:50 Serhat et al. A Study on the Effect of Several Modelling and Analysis Parameters on the Optimization of Composite Laminates for Vibro-acoustic Requirements Kapsoulis et al. U-Bend Optimization on the RBF4AERO Platform
17:10 Bach et al. A preliminary design method for optimizing composite forward-swept wings Mykhaskiv et al. Shape optimisation with differentiated CAD-kernel for U-bend testcase
17:50 End of Tuesday sessions
19:00 Conference dinner

Wednesday 20 July 2016

Grid deformation and parametrisation (Ch: J.-D. Müller)
09:00 Karpouzas et al Geometric Immersed Boundaries (GIB): A New framework for applying boundary conditions in Finite Volume Method
09:20 Elefetheriou et al. Rigid Motion Mesh Morpher: a robust morphing tool for adjoint-based shape optimization
09:40 Liatsikouras et al. CAD-Free Soft Handle Parameterization for Adjoint-Based Optimization Methods
10:00 Mohanamuraly et al. A meshless optimised mesh-smoothing framework
10:20 Coffee break
CFD Optimisation Benchmark Workshop: Drivaer, TUB Stator (Ch: P. Flassig)
10:50 Magoulas et al. Applications of the continuous adjoint method to car aeroacoustics
11:10 Vezyris et al. Unsteady/Steady Continuous Adjoint Method Using a Block Coupled Solver in OpenFOAM: Application on the Drivaer Vehicle
11:30 Vasilopoulos et al. Aerodynamic Optimization of the TurboLab Stator: A Comparative Study between Conventional and Adjoint-based Approaches
11:50 Gagliardi et al. Constrained Multi-Objective Optimization of the TU Berlin TurboLab Stator using Continuous Adjoint
12:10 Duckitt et al. Multiobjective Optimisation of a Compressor Stator using a 3D B-Spline Parametrisation
12:30 Lunch
Invited Presentation (Ch: J.-D. Müller)
14:00 Joaquim Martins High-fidelity Adjoint-based Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Aircraft Configurations
Turbomachinery Optimisation III (Ch: T. Verstraete)
15:00 Chahine et al. Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of Aero-Engine Fan Blades
15:20 Ntanakas et al. Generating Gradients for Turbomachinery Applications using the Discrete Adjoint Method
15:40 End of conference
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